Fountain control and management system developed in WBOX

This is the fountain control and management system developed by Xi’an Shuiyunjian, using our wbox through websdk. The secondary development is very successful, and small batches have been shipped. I would like to thank Shuiyunjian for the video provided, and authorize us to show it to everyone for watch.

Through the time management and playing music of the wbox box, it can control the fountain and light at the same time, so that the sound, light and fountain can be controlled synchronously. The whole system does not need additional control equipment, and one wbox can solve all the control and management.

There are at least 5 ways for the secondary development of wbox. If you need secondary development, please contact us.

If you need to use web development, you can look at our websdk source code:

W-BOX video teaching free download link (can be watched online): /video_teaching/

Or search for “Automated Lighting Control Technology That Lights Can Play Like This” from website:


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