LAN512 Box for Madrix

MADRIX – Is a Great LED Lighting Control Software
MADRIX Maybe is the best great LED lighting control software in the world!

MADRIX Price (from )
Madrix price

only software not hardware output, ultimate version need 4000EUR

Demo version is Free, have any limitations, Can’t be use in lighting project


DEMO Version Limited:
All 3 live Previews will display “! NO MADRIX KEY !” ,
Data output will stop after each minute for a short period,
The middle Preview goes black each minute for a short period.

if you have Madrix Key or our LAN512, Madrix software then can change to 4000EUD ultimate version,
will have 256 Universe DMX512 (131072Channels) and 1310720 DVI output, and not any limit.
Our LAN512 box connect to Madrix, like below, Madrix will have 256 Universe and 1310720 DVI output
LAN512 have 512 channels hardware output and have DMX512<->ArtNet Function
How to crack, can email to hahan:
have dongle
Our LAN512 box in LAN and link to Madrix


What LAN512 Box can do ?

1: When LAN512 Box link in Hub or Route or any LAN, can let your Demo Madrix software change to ultimate version. yes, now Madrix software is change to 4000EUR ulimate version, can have 256 DMX Universes (131072 Channels) output, and have 1310720 pixels DVI output. and not like Demo version have any time close output limited.
LAN512 Box like a 4000EUR MADRIX USB ultimate KEY, only interface is LAN not USB.

2: Have 1 Universe 512 channels ArtNet hardware output. can link your DMX512 lighting to control, can link 170pcs RGB LED fixture. When you want more then 512 channels, can buy more one our Artnet box or any other Artnet Device to add hardware output.

3: Have ArtNet->DMX512 or DMX512->ArtNet mode, in same time only use one mode. our LAN512 Setup software can change in/out mode.
DMX->Lan(DMX In mode) can let your external consoler control Madrix or link any 3D software like Wysiwyg, we free supply Wysiwyg R32 Cracked.


How to install ?

1: First, Install Madrix software, can install 2.14f ,2.14g, 2.14h, 2.14i, 3.1a, 3.2, 3.3RC, 3.3, 3.3a, 3.3b, 3.4RC,3.4, 3.4a, 3.5a, 3.6, 3.6a, 3.6b, 3.6c, 3.6d, 3.6e or 3.6f version, please not install other version. install file can download from: or

2: Second, Install our LAN512 Driver. only run our disk “LAN512 Driver” DIR’s setup.exe, must run by Administrator.
[ If you not our LAN512 last Driver, can download from our FTP Server (last for Madrix 3.6e version) 2017-02-24 ].

3: Run Madrix software, in Menu “Preferences->Options->Devices USB” must select “MADRIX PLEXUS” , must do this, because our LAN512 box need use PLEXUS protocol. if you not select “MADRIX PLEXUS”, our LAN512 box only like a ordinary Artnet device, LAN512 will not change madrix to ultimate version.
in Madrix software “MADRIX PLEXUS” default is selected.

4: Do step 1,2 and 3. Now, when our LAN512 box in Route or LAN, Madrix software will change to ulimate version(4000EUR version) , and not show “No MADRIX KEY” in windows. When our LAN512 box power off or not in LAN, Madrix will change to demo version, Madrix will show “No MADRIX KEY” in windows. LAN512 BOX like a MADRIX USB ultimate KEY in LAN.

5: When you want link RGB fixture from LAN512 box hardware output, must use Artnet, do this:
in Madrix Menu “Preferences->Device Manager->Art-Net” press “Search” button, Madrix Will find “LAN512” and show in windows. When find LAN512, now press “DMX Devices” tab, you will see “Off” in LAN512, please select “Enable” button, and press “Apply” or “OK” button to “On”, do this, Artnet setup now is completed. Please note: when your PC not Link in LAN , “Search” button not be use.

6: When you want change LAN512 box Subnet\Universe\IP or ArtNet->DMX or DMX->ArtNet or Get any information or test LAN512 box, can run our Windows or Android software “LAN512 Setup” to set up LAN512 box, Or run any ArtNet software to set up Subnet\Universe. “LAN512 setup” iOS version will supply soon.

7: Please note: when you reinstall madrix software or reinstall Madrix PLEXUS driver, must reinstall our LAN512 Driver again (run our setup.exe). otherwise madrix will overwrite our LAN512 driver. Please note: our LAN512 not copy PLEXUS box, only use PLEXUS a little protocol. You can press our LAN512 Setup software “GetBox” and “CheckDrv” button check our Box and Driver.

8: Attention please: All our software and Driver do not run in a virtual machine, don’t try to change our software, don’t try to debug our software, if have Antivirus software, please try to add to white list or close it, if not may will go wrong.

9: Attention please: When first run Madrix software, Please add Madrix to “Windows Firewall” white list or close “Windows Firewall”, if not, Madrix only can send any data to LAN, but not get any data from LAN. if Madrix not get our LAN512 box data, Madrix will change to DEMO version. If our Drive not auto close “Windows Firewall”, You can do this to colse “Windows FireWall” : Clicking “Control Panel->Windows Firewall->Turn off” .

10: Don’t run above two artnet software in same PC, if not, maybe one or two Artnet software not be use, because Artnet use a same UDP port 6454 (0x1936).

11: Attention please: your router don’t close 6454~6499 port and don’t close broadcast.

12: Our LAN512 Box can set Universe 0~254, but, Please not set to 255, 255 only for hahan to test.

13: Don’t mind Madrix About show “License For DMX Universe / DVI ” is 0 , if LAN512 link Madrix, Actually have 256 Universe and 1310720 pixels DVI output.

14: When you use LAN512 DMX in mode to Madrix software, Please in Madrix software, press Keyboard F4 Key, in “ArtNet Remote”, please select “Broadcast Mode : Receive From All Addresses And Universe 0x0” . Now, you can in “DMX Input -> DMX Watcher …” watch any external consoler DMX value.
LAN512 DMX In/Output Mode can change from our “LAN512 Setup” software, and must changed to DMX In mode then will have a DMX in function.

if have any bug or any question, please email to me


How to setup in Madrix ?
Run Madrix software, in Menu “Preferences->Options->Devices(USB/PCI)” must select “MADRIX PLEXUS interfaces”, default is selected.

how to setup

How to link RGB light from LAN512 box hardware output with Artnet ?
In Madrix Menu “Preferences->Device Manager->Art-Net” press “Find Auto” button, Madrix Will find “LAN512” and show in windows. When find LAN512, now press “DMX Devices” tab, you will see “Off” in LAN512, please select “Enable” button, and press “Apply” or “OK” button to “On”, do this, Artnet setup now is completed, Artnet data will send to box and output DMX512 to your fixture. Please note: when your PC not Link in LAN , “Find Auto” button not be use.
out dmx setup

How to Check and Setup LAN512 box Subnet\Universe …
Can run any ArtNet software or Windows CMD ping IP or our LAN512 setup software to check LAN512 box, if in artnet software use “Refresh”, LAN512 will send any tick pack to you, and show to you.


Check Driver


How much about the LAN512 Madrix Box price?
More than 150 sets of LAN512 PCB RMB 395 (yuan)/pc
Or you can buy the latest product WBOX, one WBOX is equal to 8 sets of LAN512. WBOX can also crack versions of madrix 2.14f~3.6f.


How to buy?
If you want a sample, maybe can buy from here:  ,we have any agents in aliexpress, or if you have any friend in China, can let your friend buy from me.