This product can be connected to MA, depence2 or any software with artnet, sACN output or physical console to control switch value equipment through network. Such as lights, fountains, jets, fire-breathing, fog forests, fireworks, motors, power switches, relays… Through the programming of professional lighting software, the downstream equipment can be controlled as professional lighting, so that the downstream equipment can achieve beautiful effects.
This device has self-health management, double heartbeat management, remote monitoring management, network disconnection management, crash recovery management, so it can work without shutdown for many years.
The installation method is rail card slot installation, the working voltage is 5V, and the switching voltage is 5V~50V wide voltage input with isolation.
​Provide secondary development hahan protocol, which can support win, android, linux, apple and other systems, and provide secondary development guidance.
​It is currently version 3. It has been tested at the customer site for more than a month and has not been shut down, and it has been working normally.
Please contact me for details on how to use it.