The development of this DMX box the earliest because of a hobby, I created a ProSound and lighting forum earlier, in early 2008 in the forum, I open D512 source code and DIY test version of the D512, We DIY together, enjoyable, but found someone selling D512 in Chinese Taobao, So I delete all source code and closed D512. ~~~ I rewrite a other box, add DMXin/RS232/SD function, now is development of the current version. There are two box being clone by other Chinese and sell in ebay and Taobao, MartinDMX(M512) copies and sell of most people, So I Stop updates and Stop M512 Box.

Please note that our box support a lot of software, support this software is to provide a learning purpose, so that can let us reach some of the concept of high-end lighting console operator. in China must acknowledge that our box appears to the promotion of domestic light industry to a great role in promoting, and domestic emerged a large number of civilians Ma lighting division effective in this box. But because of copyright issues, please do not for commercial use, if you need to control the lighting, please use any free software.

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  • Now All USB interface Box only have HD512 box, other USB box all is Closed.

  • SD512 USB-DMX512 Box [2012-10-24]~[2016-03-17 Closed]
  • MartinDMX USB-DMX512 Box [2010-06-29]~[2012-08-03 Closed, some Chinese cracked and copy this box as CYT/CYL/CY/Sunlight… sell in Taobao and ebay]
  • P512 USB-DMX512 Box [2009-10-20]~[2010-12-11 Closed]
  • D512 USB-DMX512 Box [2008-7-5]~[our Open Source code for DIY, some Chinese copy this box sell in Taobao and ebay]

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