ArtNet-WS2812 4Port Box

ArtNet->WS2812 4 Port Box can use LEDPlaysoftware control WS2811 or WS2812 led strip, this box have 4 port 2048 channels output, this WS2812 box is using LEDPlay software controlled LED lights with the cheapest and very professional, the box for each out port price is $25, the controller is quite cheap.


This box features:
This box can control WS2811 or WS2812 lights strip, can use Professional LED software LEDPlay or any other LED software transmission artnet data through this box to control WS2811 or 2812 lights, WS2812 lights can be 5V or 12V.

Box for the network interface, you can access a wired or wireless router (switch) , can be wired or wireless control your lights, this box has four port output 2048 channels, each port can control 170 set of RGB lights (pixels), this box can control 4 * 170 = 680 RGB pixels.

This box can also provide secondary development, to facilitate those companies or fountain lighting model synchronous development, we will provide SDK.

Box with DHCP and static IP, you can be set by our software.


Below is our unfinished light project live, control nearly over 2 million pixels, and each point can be independently controlled.


Box can easily install in lighting project, after installation, can be remote set for each box, and can remotely monitor the box status:


Secondary development, a real estate company controlled model real estate in every room lamp DEMO program:


The Box only two lines connected lights, then you can go hand in hand link:


Price is 650RMB, in Chinese can buy from:

Note that this is the price of the hardware, the price of the dongle that does not include the madled software.

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