wbox major upgrade, firmware v3.1.1.217_20220222 version

This firmware is a major upgrade, it is recommended to upgrade to this version


Fix the bug of misalignment of lightTest faders in webui (thanks to Shuiyunjian Fountain Company lonewolf’s modification plan)
Note: When using the Google browser, be sure to clear the original cache, otherwise there may be errors. Method: Click Settings -> “More Tools” -> “Clear Browsing Data” to clear it.

At the request of lonewolf, add the port program. The port program can send the values ​​of 1 to 512 channels in batches in the script. For specific usage, you can run the port, see the help example
port dev dmx1 dmx2 … dmx512
dev is 0~7, which means 0~7 output ports respectively, dmx1~dmx512 respectively means the value of dmx channel, you can send the value of all 512 channels, or you can only send the value of the first part of the channel.

In addition, a script microsecond delay program “mysleep” is added. Because the delay in the shell cannot reach the microsecond level, so mysleep is written. mysleep can delay 1ms~n hours, the minimum precision is 1ms, and the maximum can be done Delay to n hours, usage:
mysleep 30 #delay 30ms
mysleep 1000 #delay 1s


After the firmware is downloaded, open the setbox of the webui of wbox through the browser, browse the firmware inside, and it will be automatically upgraded. Note: Do not touch the power supply during the upgrade. The upgrade takes 3 to 5 minutes, and you can see the change of the LED.


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