W-BOX a linux box coming soon

W-BOX technical function:
1: The box has 8 isolated DMX512 outputs and 8 WS281x LED lights with SPI output, which can not only control DMX512 devices, but also directly control LED lights;
2: Box has a 150M, 2.4G Wifi;
3: The box has 2 network ports, and the box has its own switch and router. You can cascade more boxes hand in hand through the network cable to form a large lighting control system, without additional switches or routers;
4: The box has an SD card, which can support FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT4 formats, and the SD card can save audio and video files and DMX light files for offline playback;
5: The box has a universal USB HOST interface, which can be connected to USB devices such as U disk, USB-Hub, USB sound card, USB mouse, keyboard, USB-RS232 serial port, etc ;
6: The box can play most audio and video files, supports AVI, MPG, WMV, JPG, BMP, GIF, WAV, MP3, FLAC, APE and our dedicated DMX and l3a files, and can map video and DMX files to the lighting;
7: The box has many external interfaces, such as GPIO, I2C, UART, PWM, IR… It can be triggered by external devices to play the offline files of the box, and it can also be connected to external sensors to trigger the control box or control external devices;
8: The box has 1 infrared IR receiver, through learning, it supports more than 99% of the remote controls on the market, and it also has 1 IR infrared transmitter GPIO interface;
9: The box has a webui graphical interface, so the box can be controlled and set through a browser of any platform. There is also a simple console in the webui, which can test and control the lighting through a mobile phone or tablet;
10: There are 2 CPUs in the box, the running system is Linux, and the startup time is about 17 to 23 seconds;
11: The box can receive and process the latest version of Artnet, sACN, ESP, hahan… and other lighting network protocol data at the same time to control the lighting. Different protocols do not need to be switched, they will be processed at the same time and automatically resolved;
12: The box can capture any light show written by a physical console with network transmission or simulation software through the network, and save it as an offline DMX file dedicated to the box, which is convenient for box playback or external device call and trigger.
13: The box supports many professional software, most of which have been cracked.

W-BOX detailed description


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