Add a DMX2DMX tools software, can decode dmx file to other SN box

HD512 Box Catch DMX file not same as a SN, all data is encode by box SN, when you catch a dmx file, this dmx file only use this SN BOX, other box can’t use, if you want use this DMX file to other SN box, must decode this DMX file to other SN box. This DMX2DMX software can decode SN1 box DMX file to SN2 box dmx file.
How to do:
1:push the catch file box to PC, and press Get Box1 SN button, this DMX2DMX software will get the catch file box SN and save a Box1_SN.dat file.
2:remove box1 from PC and push the second box to PC, press Get Box2 SN button, now DMX2DMX software will save box2 SN to Box2_SN.dat file.
3:When you get box1 and box2 SN, now can press “Open Box1 DMX File -> Box2 DMX File” button, this software will decode this box1 DMX file to Box2 dmx file, and save to xxxx-Box2.dmx file.
Please note: DMX file must catch from box1.
4:When you not have HD512 box, but have a box SN file, SN data can open from SN file.

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