Resolume setting method:

  • 1: Ouptput-> Advanced Click the ‘+’ -> DMX Lumiverse add 4 universe (or more …), and patch with light library to the universe.
  • 2: Go Arena-> Preferences-> DMX, new output add by 4, one artnet universe for each Lumiverse, Subnet/Universe press box real change, usually Subnet is 0, Universe: 0 ~ 3, if have N pcs boxes, then this is one to one location.
  • That’s it all, note, Resolume not need to find our box, the data is sent via a broadcast mode, any artnet box only for the universe can be.

    Good news, HD512 box first support Martin MPC software.
    MPC free supply 512 channels artnet output, our SD512/HD512 box can use Artnet plugin to support MPC, but all Artnet’s software same use udp 6454 port, in win10 system when use two artnet software, maybe can’t be use, maybe install Microsoft’s loop-back Adapter can used two artnet software.

    Now HD512 only run this ForMPC plugin then can use MPC and can support 2048 channels.


    HD512 box update plugin can download from: [Here].