This plugin maybe can support all version of ETC software.

Run ETC nomad_Eos_PC, select “offline w/viz” button and run this plugin software,
nothing to setup then can used ETC and HD512 box contorl your lighting.
This plugin can support eos and element console mode, but don’t select “offline” button,
please select “offline w/viz” button.

please note:
if your PC not link any router or LAN, must install a “Microsoft Loopback Adapter” virtual network adapter.

How to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Win10:
1: Open cortana Enter “hdwwiz” in the search results, right-click the program, use the “run as administrator” mode to start.
2: According to the operating system wizard, select “Install the hardware I manually selected from the list (Advanced)”.
3: In the hardware list, select “Network Adapter”.
4: Select “Microsoft” vendor, and in the right list of network adapters, select “Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter”, then can install it.

Please Note:
In ETC software, if universe address 1 to 30 not patch any fixture, ETC viz maybe send any rand
data to LAN, please must patch any fixture LIB to universe address1~30, don’t let address 1~30
empty, can like universe1, universe1 default patch 500 dimmer address.

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